About Cambridge View Capital

Cambridge View Capital is a family fund with a single vision: to learn, build, share and repeat investment successes and strategies with the broader investor community.

The fund shares research and analysis on this website, and along the way targets high double-digit returns over 3-5 years. We believe in ‘building wealth over time’ and currently only manage capital on behalf of family and friends.

The fund focuses on investing in high-quality companies with emerging market  (India, China, North Asia, and South East Asia) or emerging technologies exposure. We believe in investing in a small number of high conviction stocks.

We think and care deeply about the investments made and take the responsibilities to grow the wealth of our family and friends very seriously. We are continually looking for opportunities to generate attractive long-term returns without taking undue risks.

Our investments are small but extremely carefully chosen. We believe in a highly concentrated, benchmark indifferent portfolio of quality over quantity. We follow a select group of companies exceptionally closely, conducting thorough evaluation work and scouring accounts for clues and potential warning signs. Our preference is for businesses with emerging market exposure, strong governance, few physical assets, and can generate a meaningful return on capital indefinitely.

Our holy grail is compound interest (and the recycling of capital), described by Albert Einstein as “the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it earns it. He who doesn’t pay it.”